5 Ways to Save Time with a Regulated Local Authority Search

Posted: 29 March 2017

We know you are extremely busy, so why not save time with STL’s Regulated Local Authority Search?

See the benefits in action in this annotated sample.

Fixed price
The price for the Regulated Local Authority Search is fixed regardless of Local Authority. This saves you time finding out individual prices of the council search, enabling you to instantly quote.

Standard format
STL’s Regulated Search is always provided in a standard format. This enables you to quickly review the results regardless of Local Authority.

Summary for Conveyancers
At the beginning of the report, the ‘Summary for Conveyancer’ is an at a glance summary of the entries revealed in the report. This section is dynamic, changing for every report. This summary gives you all the essential information within the report, saving you time.

Hazard Alert
This section immediately notifies you of the potential risks for the property and recommends appropriate searches. The recommended searches are based on your specific preference. Japanese Knotweed will also appear in this section, if there is a medium or high risk of this invasive weed at the property (residential properties only).

Information for Buyers
Unique to STL’s search, a plain English ‘Information for Buyers’ section specifically written jargon-free for the home buyer. This information is dynamic reflecting the specific entries revealed in the report, helping to reduce the volume of queries you may receive.

But…what about lenders – will they accept the Regulated Local Authority Search?

STL’s Regulated Local Authority Search is accepted by the vast majority of mortgage lenders. Only 17 lenders do not accept personal Local Authority searches – these 17 represent less than 1% of all mortgage lending. And, as an added bonus, we offer a ‘Lender Guarantee’ – this means that if your lender does not accept our Regulated Search we will replace it with a council search.

So – what’s not to like? Our Regulated Local Authority Search is loaded with benefits and competitively priced – take a look now.

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