Drainage and Water

The Law Society recommends that a drainage and water search is undertaken in every purchase transaction. We supply both Regulated Drainage and Water Searches compiled by STL and CON29DW searches compiled by the local water company.

Both searches contain vital information that may be required by a lender or insurer.  They help to identify:

  • if a property is connected to the mains water supply
  • the location of public water drains
  • whether there are any public sewers within the boundaries of the property or in the near vicinity
  • if any sewers or proposed sewers are adopted

They also indicate:

  • whether foul water and surface water drain from the property to a public sewer
  • the basis of charging for sewerage and water supply

(STL also offers the CommercialDW for commercial property transactions.)

How do the searches compare?

Whilst there are many similarities in the type of information provided, there can be significant differences in report layout, pricing and turnaround times.