Environment and Flood

We supply a comprehensive range of environment and flood reports for both residential and commercial markets - contact us for a sample.

Environment reports

As a result of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the advice given in the Law Society Warning Card is that, in every transaction, solicitors must consider whether contamination is an issue. And that for purchases, mortgages and leases, they should undertake independent site history investigation, such as obtaining an environment report.

Environment reports identify past and present industrial land use which may indicate the potential for the land to be classified as contaminated.  Most reports also contain information about nearby landfill or waste management sites, as well as pollution incidents, basic flood information and whether the property could be affected by subsidence or landslip – information not revealed by the local authority search.

Flood reports

A property does not have to be near a river or sea to be at risk of flooding. Whilst most environment reports contain basic flood data, a dedicated flood report provides greater insight.  As well as identifying traditional flood risks and whether the property benefits from flood defences, a flood report may identify if the property is at risk of flooding from rainwater.  It can also indicate the insurability rating of a property.  Information that may become increasingly important when the current insurance protection for those in flood risk areas ends in June 2013.  This could result in at least 200,000 homes being unable to obtain affordable flood insurance, leaving owners exposed and impacting on mortgage applications, future valuations and saleability.