Terrafirma Searches

Terrafirma specialise in the innovation and provision of mining-instability and mineral extraction risk assessment to the UKs Property and Legal Sector.

Their revolutionary TerraSearch® Suite is the first to locate, assess, interpret, investigate & remediate the risk to property and land from over 60 mining hazards across the UK; including coal, metals, clay, stone, chalk, fracking, gypsum, brine & many more. Terrafirma are thought-leaders and a company of firsts pioneering new solutions to addressing the interlinked issues of UK mining and mineral extraction, developing reports to explore and interpret these links to ensure the client; be it an insurer, the local government, a land/property purchaser or lender can have, for the first time, an all-encompassing solution to mining risk.

Terrafirma Assess
Terrasearch Assess is the first available search report to comprehensively assess the risk to property and land from all past, present and planned mineral extraction hazards in one search report.

Terrafirma Interpret
Terrasearch Interpret is a data-rich, manually interpreted report that is able to accurately quantify the subsidence risk to the site. Required when a mining hazard has been identified beneath or within close proximity of a site.